SWR Christmas Gift Guide

Welcome to the one-stop shop for all your holiday shopping!

Curated by Alana and Samra, the two have sustained long-term relationships with all the small biz owners listed. We hope you enjoy their fabulous products… and maybe even gift a few to your friends and family. 😉

Admiral Row

We were introduced to this brand a few weeks ago and what we like most is that they are small black-owned brand based in Atlanta, but more importantly, most of their pieces are under $50, high quality and handmade. For our listeners, Admiral Row has extended a code to get 20% off your purchase through the holidays.  Use the code, SWR20, at AdmiralRow.com to get 20% off your purchase + FREE SHIPPING!


Owned by three of Samra’s favorite people, basic. is a no-brainer for all the fashion-lovers in your life. Carrying everything from soft puffer jacket to ruby red ballet flats, a present from basic. is sure to be a staple in your loved one’s closet for years to come! Use code SHEWELLREAD20 for an exclusive 20% discount.

#womanowned #birminghambased

California Country Organics

Samra was lucky enough to meet the owner of CC Organics at a Black History Month photoshoot a few years back, and has been keeping up with her products ever since! Shop the most luscious body and hair care serums this holiday season, and give your special person the gift of a natural glow.

#blackowned #womanowned #birminghambased

lōb jewelry

Crafted and inspired by the people, the music, the motherland, and above all, the modern woman. Samra had the pleasure of modeling for lōb, meeting the creator, and is continually wow-ed by the tribal designs native to the brand. Check out lōb’s Black Friday sale by clicking on the Instagram post below!

#blackowned #womanowned #birminghambased

Unnamed Jewelry Company

Unnamed Jewelry is a brand that strives to inspire others to feel comfortable in their skin. During her RA days at UAB, Lana met the founder, KJ Reed. She is so excited to support his new endeavor and share these beautiful pieces with you all. Right now, all of their products are 50%, so hurry on over to stock up today!

#blackowned #smallbusiness #birminghambased

Temperance Candle Co.

During our recent trip to She Podcast Live, we met the lovely, Jerusalem Truth, and she is the founder of Temperance Candle Co. Temperance Candle Company was founded out of a desire to provide even the smallest contribution to the betterment of the lives of those who seek to heal and thrive, even when the world does not want them to do so. Lana recently made her first order and o.m.g, the candles smell amazing! Check out their Black Friday sale by clicking the link below!

#blackowned #womanowned #queerowned

Village Apothecary

Samra stumbled across this candle company at a local market, and learned so much about what it means to make a carcinogen-free candle. When you buy from Village Apothecary, you know you’re inhaling all-natural goodness. Check out their yummy candles by clicking the link below!

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