‘Abbott Elementary’ and ABC Bring Free Book Fairs to Underfunded Schools

Abbott Elementary is one of the latest TV shows to take the world by storm. Written in the style of a workplace mockumentary, the rookie sitcom spotlights the highs and lows that educators at underfunded public schools experience on a daily basis. Abbott Elementary has made history as the first comedy debut to quadruple itsContinue reading “‘Abbott Elementary’ and ABC Bring Free Book Fairs to Underfunded Schools”

You Are Not Alone

While September is National Suicide Awareness Month, it’s important to be able to open up the conversation on mental health year-round. Nonetheless, this month we are taking the time to share resources and information on the stigmatized topic.  We have been in a declared pandemic for 549 days (— where does the time go?!) andContinue reading “You Are Not Alone”

Our Story

SHE WELL READ was born in the summer of 2019, in Alana’s kitchen, the morning after a much needed girl’s night sleepover she and Samra had. The two had been talking for a while about how they wanted to start reading more now that they were wrapping up their last semester of undergrad. That morning,Continue reading “Our Story”

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