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Who Are We?

We are two young, female, black entrepreneurs who were searching for a passion project outside of our nine to five jobs. SHE WELL READ was born in the summer of 2019, in Alana’s kitchen, the morning after a much needed girl’s night sleepover she and Samra had. The two had been talking for a while about how they wanted to start reading more now that they were wrapping up their last semester of undergrad. That morning, Samra introduced her idea of creating a book club dedicated to women who wanted to be part of a community of well-read individuals. Call it divine intervention or her recent obsession with podcasts, but instantly after hearing Samra talk about this idea, Alana had the idea of turning the book club into a podcast, so that people could be a part of the community from anywhere, at any time. And thus, SHE WELL READ was born!

What is this Podcast?

SHE WELL READ is a book club podcast that advocates for all types of readers. Whether you read all the time, read every now and then, or are just trying to get back into reading – this show is for you! Each season, our community comes together to vote on the book we’d like to cover. Hosts / best friends, Alana and Samra, then dissect the book alongside our community of Well-Read Baddies and discuss how the topics relate to our lives.

Who is it For?

Our audience is primarily women, but is open to all.

What is the Show Like?

We are best friends sharing our love for reading by discussing books chapter by chapter and mixing in anecdotes from our personal experiences. All of this to say, it’s a lot of rambling and a lot of fun.

Where Can I Listen?

The show uploads on Wednesdays. New episodes are in all the usual podcast places (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Spotify…) Basically, if they have podcasts, we’re there!

What People Say

Amazing Podcast

I can’t help but continue listening to this podcast. I’m in love with everything they stand for and am now a full on supporter for She Well Read.

Kid Muruako, 04/15/2020

Smart and Well-Produced

Based on the first episode, I can’t wait to hear more. The hosts are very engaging and fun to listen to.

adyvalk, 04/19/2020


This podcast is so engaging and I love everything that they stand for! Definitely top two and this podcast is not number two 😉.

Jazzykw1997, 05/18/2020

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